Dr. Breite has been a part of the Lagrangeville community for over 30 years. He raised four children here with his wife Robin, who currently works as a Teaching Assistant at Arlington High School. LaGrange Veterinary Hospital has been a long time supporter and sponsor of many local activities and events, especially those related to our students and their schools. These have included sports, theater and music to name a few.

LaGrange Veterinary Hospital welcomes students with an interest in veterinary medicine to shadow Dr. Breite with the intent of adding clarity to their interest and furthering their knowledge of the field. As a special extension of that, we also hire high school students to work as true veterinary assistants. Different than similar opportunities at other practices (where high school students are most commonly hired as kennel workers only) these students assist Dr. Breite in the exam room where they gain a hands-on view of veterinary medicine while learning about the health and wellness of family pets. A few of Dr. Breite’s assistants have successfully pursued careers in veterinary medicine. The others have entered and similarly succeeded in other fields of study, while carrying with them a level of education and maturity that inherently follows this highly responsible position.

Dr. Breite, his family and staff look forward to many more years as a proud part of the LaGrangeville community.