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5 Tips on Traveling With Your Pet Over the Holidays

For many pet owners, it’s time to firm up holiday travel plans. While most people find booking plane tickets and hotel rooms stressful enough, adding pets to the mix creates another level of planning. Whether you’re heading down the road to your parents’ house, or across the country to visit relatives, consider these five tips [...]

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4 Reasons Why Pets Do Not Make Good Holiday Gifts and What to Give Instead

As you watch your grandchildren run downstairs, eagerly shouting at the sight of an adorable fluffy puppy adorned with a big red bow under the tree, you probably deserve the daggers you are getting from the children’s parents. Although your heart is in the right place in gifting a lovable pet to your grandchildren, your [...]

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8 Questions You Are Itching to Scratch About Your Pet’s Allergies

Pet allergies confuse many pet owners. Allergies can vary greatly from pet to pet, and an individual pet’s allergies can also change, often becoming more severe and extending through longer “itchy seasons” as she ages. Many myths abound about allergies in pets, and sorting through the information to determine what is correct can be challenging. [...]

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Keeping Your Cat Healthy

With so much marketing and publicity for veterinary health care focused on dogs, cat owners may not realize that regular veterinary care is also critical for their feline friend. And, cats are not small dogs—they have their own specific health-care needs, and regular veterinary care is equally important for their long-term health as it is [...]

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8 Pet Toxins That May Be Hiding in Your Backyard

From plants to fertilizers, many seemingly innocuous yard products and supplies can quickly turn a fun spring day into a catastrophe. Know which chemicals, plants, and products can be potential poisons for your pet. #1: Rodenticides Rodent baits are formulated to entice mice and rats to eat them. Unfortunately, this makes them appealing to other [...]

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