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Wellness Screenings and Your Pet’s Health

Like people, our pets require annual health examinations to maintain a high quality of life and overall wellbeing—perhaps more so. Because our pets don’t always show obvious illness signs and can’t tell us when they aren’t feeling well, it’s our job to ensure they stay healthy throughout their life. Dr. Breite and the LaGrange Veterinary [...]

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Thyroid Disease in Dogs and Cats

Thyroid disease is a common problem for cats and dogs, but they are affected by different types of issues. The thyroid gland, which has two lobes located on either side of your pet’s trachea, functions to regulate your pet’s metabolic rate by producing thyroid hormones. If the thyroid is overactive, a condition called hyperthyroidism occurs, [...]

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Brachycephalic Pets 101

Those adorable smush-faced pets you love to snuggle have a fancy name associated with their appearance—brachycephaly. Brachycephalic pets are popular among pet owners, and, while their bug-eyed features make them appealing, these same characteristics predispose them to a variety of health conditions. If you own one of these flat-faced pets, or are considering adding one [...]

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Getting From Yuck to Yes, Please—Medicating Your Pet

Few words strike terror in pet-owner hearts more than hearing, “Your pet needs medication.” Those words seem to echo mockingly off the four exam room walls. You know you should be listening as the veterinarian outlines your pet’s prescription, but you’re too busy having mental flashbacks to the last paws-and-claws battle royale earlier this year. [...]

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Toxic Relationship—Top Pet Poisons

Pets are curious creatures who explore their world using all five senses. Unfortunately, some mischievous dogs and cats rely too heavily on “taste,” and find themselves in a world of trouble. Each year, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) handles more than 200,000 calls about known or suspected pet toxin exposures, many involving a [...]

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