Traditionally, LaGrange Veterinary Hospital has been a firm subscriber to keeping paper records for all our clients and patients. But, as times have changed and we’ve seen the benefits of technology for pet care, we’ve updated our systems to better serve the pets in our care. As we transition from paper to electronic records, we’ve also embraced the pet portal that is part of our electronic practice management system. Our pet portal allows you to take advantage of a host of features that make caring for your furry pal easier and more convenient. Here are seven ways to use the pet portal to its fullest.

#1: Schedule appointments through the pet portal

Whether your pet needs to be seen for a health issue or their annual wellness exam, you can schedule their appointment through the pet portal. A few taps on your phone grant you access to a 24/7 receptionist who is always working hard to ensure your pet receives care when they need it. And, you don’t have to remember to schedule an appointment during business hours.

#2: Review your pet’s information at your convenience

Are you curious how much your pet weighed two months ago, to see if their diet and exercise plan is working? Maybe your furry pal is licking their paws and scratching at their ears again this year, and you can’t quite remember when this issue occurred last year. To check your pet’s weight history, or the months their seasonal allergy occurs, you can use the pet portal to peruse their full weight and medical history.

#3: View scheduled pet appointments

Between juggling the kids’ sporting and music events, family get-togethers, and your own jam-packed work schedule, your pet’s scheduled appointment can easily slip your mind. To avoid missing your four-legged friend’s important appointments, pull up the pet portal and view your scheduled appointments. Then, create a phone notification to alert you to your pet’s appointment when the time comes.

#4: Review your payment history and account balance

If you could only count your pets as dependents when you file your taxes. However, keeping an eye on your pet-care budget is still a good habit. When you enter the pet portal, you can review your payment history and any account balance. This feature is particularly helpful for determining the last time you bought flea, tick, and heartworm prevention products, and whether it’s time to buy additional items.

#5: Access education materials on pet health

If your pet is diagnosed with a major medical condition that will require ongoing, lifelong management, you may have trouble taking in everything our LaGrange Veterinary Hospital veterinarian says. We understand that with an overload of information, you can easily forget important details, but now you can access many educational materials through the pet portal. Rather than multiple Google searches or social media checks, simply open the pet portal and search for accurate, veterinary-approved information and materials on your pet’s condition. Additionally, the pet portal can provide educational content about pet health, and help answer all those questions you forget to ask during your pet’s wellness visit.

#6: View your pet’s vaccination records and rabies certificate

Are you unsure when your pet’s annual physical exam and vaccinations are due? If this thought crosses your mind late at night, you no longer have to wait until the next day to call our hospital. Instead, open the pet portal at any time and find when your furry pal’s vaccination boosters and health check-ups are due. This feature is particularly useful if you’re traveling and forgot to print vaccination records for your pet’s boarding facility. Pull up your pet’s records to show that they are current on essential vaccinations, and your four-legged friend can be admitted promptly into their boarding suite. 

With so many beneficial features, our pet portal will make taking care of your pet a breeze, and we’re excited to offer this perk to our clients. If you’re unsure how to set up your pet portal account, or have questions about the portal’s benefits, contact our LaGrange Veterinary Hospital team for help.